Uncategorized October 15, 2023

Fall 2023 Newsletter

Autumn Greetings!

The market continues to be strong in spite of continually rising interest rates.

Lenders are     creative in their home loan packages with options to buy down points/rates, waiving of certain fees and even the option to refinance – without any costs – should the rates subside after purchase.

Some sellers are offering to buy down points for the buyer as well.  We are also seeing a good number of price reductions and motivated sellers now.

Naturally, as a homeowner, you’ll want to take care of winterizing your home to  protect your most   valuable asset.  Have heating system serviced by a professional, trim back overgrown shrubs, have gutters and downspouts professionally cleaned – also be sure roof/furnace/dryer vents are clear, cover window wells to prevent snow/ice buildup.

Year-To-Date Comparisons 2022– 2023

Single Family Homes 2022 2023 % +/-
Bismarck City $354,741 $372,032 +4%
Mandan City $297,774 $314,902 +5%
Lincoln City $301,568 $301,858 +0%
Twin Homes      
Bismarck City $348,364 $351,729 +0%
Mandan City $304,753 $306,239 +0%
Lincoln City $257,475 $259,667 +0%
Bismarck City $189,474 $210,428 +11%
Mandan City $220,600 $246,421 +11%

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